Haishu Foreign Language School, a public school of nine-year compulsory education, is directly administered by Haishu Education Bureau. The school is at the intersection of Qinglindu Road and Xinxing Road, adjacent to Qinglinwan Park. Covering an area of nearly 100 mu, Haishu Foreign Language School has a building area of 43,608 square meters, with a total investment of 230 million yuan. The school has completed the first-stage high-level and modern construction, including the primary school teaching buildings, the secondary school teaching buildings, the Sports and Art Building and the athletic field with graceful environment. We have advanced facilities like the standard 400-meter track and field, the indoor swimming pool and the indoor 60-meter track.We also have two grand restaurants that can cater for more than 2,000 people at the same time and a comprehensive gymnasium where we can have regular events and hold performances, etc. We are going to have 72 classes and admit more than 300 students in September, 2011. There are eight classes of Grade One in primary school and four classes of Grade Seven in junior middle school. Xue Ruifen, the first principal of Haishu Foreign Language School, is a senior teacher who has a Master’s degree in Education and enjoys the treatment of professor level, having the title of Famous Teacher in Ningbo, Teacher of Special Grade in Zhejiang Province, the National Advanced Teacher on Moral Education and National Excellent Teacher. Now the school has powerful faculty. Of all the 40 teachers, 100% of them have undergraduate degrees and 4 of them have Master’s degrees. More than 70% of the teachers are intermediate and senior teachers. And one teacher has the title of Teacher of Special Grade in Zhejiang Province, one has the title of Famous Teacher in Ningbo, two have the title of The Backbone Teacher in Ningbo, one has the title of Famous Teacher in Haishu District, one has the title of The Backbone Teacher in Haishu District. The number of teachers who have the title of The New Popular Teacher is more than 20, making up more than 60% of the total number. Our educational philosophy is to combine modern and tradition, to converge science and humanities, to cultivate cultures of East-West. Taking advantage of foreign language teaching and small-sized class teaching, we regard it as our educational mission to provide every student with the best education and let every student get the fullest development. And our school motto is to try our best and be the best!, which may gradually guide us to be ambitious and conscientious! All the faculty and staff will remember that developing ourselves is developing the students and helping students achieve success is our success. We will try our best to be dedicated, enthusiastic and professional, and we will also love our students, our career and our school! We will educate the students to be honest, diligent, cooperative and positive! We will promote the students’ overall development and strive to cultivate them to have lofty aspirations, good habits and excellent learning abilities and to be modern citizens with international perspectives and national pride. With the great support of Haishu District Government and Haishu Education Bureau, Haishu Foreign Language School has been full of vitality and hope and all the teachers and students will make efforts to build a first-class foreign language school of nine-year compulsory education for a modern international port city.
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